In recent months, Ethereum has faced tough competition from altcoins like Solana, which outperformed it significantly. However, a sudden 9% surge in the price of Ether has sparked renewed optimism among traders. This article explores the factors behind Ethereum’s recent rally and analyzes whether it could be the start of a significant upward trend.


The Revenge of the ETH

The chief investment officer at Selini Capital, Jordi Alexander, believes that Ethereum is poised for a rebound. He points to the recent rally in several altcoins and Michael Saylor’s substantial investment in Bitcoin as factors contributing to ETH’s potential upside move in the coming weeks. Alexander sees the risk/reward ratio for Ether as highly compelling, suggesting the formation of a liquidity black hole in January.

Bullish Targets

Pentoshi, a pseudonymous trader, adds to the bullish sentiment by sharing a chart on social media platforms. The chart hints at an approximate price target of $3,485 for Ether, expressing optimism for a gradual but significant upward movement in the cryptocurrency.

Ethereum vs. Solana

The rivalry between the communities of Solana and Ethereum has intensified in recent weeks. While Ethereum has gained 102% year-to-date, Solana has outperformed it with an astonishing 951% surge. This remarkable price performance, coupled with Solana’s lower fees and faster settlement times, led some to argue that Solana’s blockchain is superior to Ethereum.


Ethereum’s Strengths

Despite Solana’s impressive performance, Ethereum supporters highlight the advantages of Ethereum’s architecture for conducting business on-chain. They also emphasize layer-2 scaling solutions like Optimism and Arbitrum, which offer cheaper transaction fees on the Ethereum network. These factors suggest that Ethereum has the potential to regain its momentum and compete effectively with Solana.



The recent 9% jump in Ethereum’s price has generated renewed optimism among traders, signaling the possibility of a significant rally. With influential figures expressing bullish targets and highlighting Ethereum’s advantages, the stage is set for Ethereum to reclaim its position as a leading blockchain platform. As the rivalry between Ethereum and Solana intensifies, investors and enthusiasts eagerly await further developments in the cryptocurrency market.

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