Mark Cuban is a man of many talents. He’s a TV show personality, billionaire investor, and crypto advocate, and now it seems he can predict the future. If you don’t know who Mark Cuban is, here’s a clue: “Shark Tank”. The biggest shark of all has recently shared his opinions on the future of President Biden’s re-election campaign, and from his comments, it all comes down to one man.

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At the Coinbase State of Crypto Summit, Cuban said that Gary Gensler, the Securities and Exchange Commission, could “literally cost Joe Biden the election.” At least, Fox Business reporter Eleanor Terrett said he said that. 

As shocking as the statement seems, this is not the first time “Shark Cuban” has pointed to Gary Gensler as the man who could be President Biden’s undoing, even though one would think that spot is reserved for Donald Trump Sr. Earlier in May, Mark Cuban shared his views on X, where he claimed that crypto is a mainstay with the younger and independent voters and Gary Gensler the G-man has only made life hard for the crypto industry. 

At that time, the Big Shark (not to be confused with Big Shaq) also claimed that the crypto voters “will be heard this election,” suggesting that Biden might not be getting crypto votes because of the anti-crypto policies the Top G Gary Gensler has decided to follow. He said, “If Joe Biden loses, there is a good chance you will be able to thank Gary Gensler and the New York SEC.”

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But enough talk about the G-man and the big shark. What about the main man, Joe Biden? President Biden seems to be taking Cuban’s words seriously as he is now reportedly in talks with different leaders in the crypto industry for a possible avenue to accept crypto donations for his campaign. This might, however, be a little too late, as Biden’s administration has already been known to be anti-crypto, and Trump, his not-so-best friend, has used that to fuel crypto voters against him. Oh, and Trump already accepts crypto funding for his donations.

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While it may be a little late for Biden to be getting into the crypto game, it’s also better late than never. However, it is unclear how Biden will go about his new stance towards crypto. In the meantime, Donald Trump is trying hard to get his hands on every crypto vote possible. He has shown massive support for crypto in America, vowing to end Biden’s war on crypto. He claims that all Bitcoin should be made in America, and he may or may not have even called Biden names such as “Crooked Joe Biden” and “the worst president in the history of our country.”

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Well, as important as all votes are, crypto votes are not the only votes up for grabs. While it might be too late for Biden to win over the crypto community, there are many more fishes in the sea, and more communities need to be won over.  

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