For those who don’t know, Cardano has been one of the most eye-catching blockchain platforms in recent years. It’s faster than Bitcoin, more scalable than Ethereum, and just as energy efficient as Solana.

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How does that even get better? Cardano is already a tremendous all-in-one package, but the CEO of Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, has said they’re not just about to settle, and there’s more coming to Cardano this month.

It’s been a while since Cardano has been preaching the coming of their “Voltaire Age” to us but with Cardano Node’s 9.0 version scheduled to be released in June, we may finally be getting it alongside the Chang Hard Fork.

This is big news for all the Cardano bros out there, especially for the biggest Cardano bro, Hoskinson. 

Hoskinson has mentioned that he’s very optimistic about Cardano’s future. He believes Cardano is well on its way to becoming a decentralized global civilization. From what we know about the Voltaire Age, it’s supposed to revolutionize Cardano’s governance through phased enhancements. Say what you want about Hoskinson, but that man knows how to sell his upgrades. Who else can make a cryptocurrency update sound like a Marvel movie trailer?

We know the Voltaire Age will be introduced in two significant initial steps. 

First, it will bring decentralized voting to Cardano. This feature was prophesied long ago in Cardano’s Improvement Proposal-1694 to allow the Cardano community to directly influence the ecosystem by proposing and funding new projects. 

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The second phase will expand the capabilities introduced in the first phase even further. However, it also comes with new features like proxy participation and treasury withdrawals. These updates are significant for Cardano holders. They will now have better control over community funds and be involved in making decisions for the platforms. Who doesn’t like the sound of that?

But don’t get too excited yet. We don’t know when Cardano 9.0 will be released; we just know it may be this month. For now, we have Cardano 8.9.2, which was pretty awesome. It resolved the peer-sharing networking issue in the previous version, and any Cardano user knows how big an upgrade that was. 

Hoskinson has also mentioned that he’s excited about the upcoming Ouroboros Leios upgrade. This upgrade is supposed to boost Cardano’s transaction efficiency and scalability, which are already pretty solid. It seems Hoskinson wants Cardano to be as competitive as possible, and he’s not showing any signs of slowing down.

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April brings showers, and it seems June will bring Cardano’s new updates. With the latest upgrades and updates coming soon, it would be exciting to see what that change brings to Cardano’s native coin ADA. ADA is trading at $0.4465 at the time of this writing, but what happens to the price when 9.0 shows up? Only time can tell, but luckily, that time is not too far away. 

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