Teen Titans of Crypto Theft

This is the audacious tale of two Canadian teens who managed to pull off the digital heist of the century, snagging a whopping $4.2 million in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Move over, grown-up criminals, the crypto world now has its own teen titans of thievery!


The Canadian Copycat Con

Who needs a fancy degree in computer science when you can simply impersonate Coinbase support? These teenage prodigies used their cunning charm to trick unsuspecting victims into revealing their account details. With the finesse of a con artist, they executed a flawless spear phishing attack, leaving even veteran cyber detectives in awe.

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From Lunch Money to Crypto Kingpins

You know those kids who used to steal lunch money? Well, these teens went from being lunchroom misfits to full-fledged crypto kingpins. Their heist haul wasn’t just pocket change; they had a jaw-dropping $13.4 million in their digital clutches, according to CBC report. Who needs a piggy bank when you can have your very own cryptocurrency empire?

The Cryptic Codenames: Felon and Gaze

Meet “Felon” and “Gaze,” the enigmatic aliases of these digital masterminds. Who needs James Bond when you’ve got teenage hackers with flair? Their true identities may be a mystery, but their knack for mischief is crystal clear.

When life gives you stolen crypto, what do you do? You splurge on something that truly matters, of course! These cyber prodigies didn’t blow their ill-gotten gains on yachts or diamond-encrusted sneakers. No, they went for something with real value in the digital age – a social media account.


Cue the Dramatic Music: The Arrest

In a dramatic showdown fit for a Hollywood blockbuster, the long arm of the law finally caught up with our teenage troublemakers. As they counted their stolen coins, fate had a different plan. The jig was up, and these budding crypto criminals found themselves in a heap of trouble. Theft over $5,000 and possession of property obtained by crime – it’s safe to say their dreams of a high-flying life came crashing down.

Transatlantic Crime Fighting

When it comes to solving cyber crimes, international borders are no match for these crime-fighting superpowers. Not just a Canadian affair, this investigation saw the mighty collaboration of US agencies like the FBI and the Secret Service’s Electronic Crimes Task Force (ECTF). A true global effort to take down these crypto scoundrels!

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Coinbase: The Siren Song for Scammers

Ah, Coinbase, the siren song of the crypto world! Its popularity makes it the ideal target for impersonators. But hey, even the best get fooled sometimes! In 2021, scammers had a field day, leaving 6,000 users scratching their heads and empty-handed. But let’s be real, who hasn’t fallen for a well-crafted scam at least once?


Crypto School: Avoiding Phishing 101

While these teens earned top marks in trickery, Coinbase aims to educate the masses on how to dodge the phishing pitfalls. Their dedicated page on phishing scams is like crypto self-defense 101. So, dear crypto enthusiasts, stay sharp and keep those digital vaults locked up tight!

In the world of crypto heists, it’s clear that age is just a number. But remember, crime doesn’t pay, especially in the cryptocurrency world where the digital detectives are always one step ahead!

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