We live in a world where labels and words are thrown around easily, most of the time without any real reason. For a long time, Bitcoiners have gotten the short end of that stick and have been labeled everything from lazy to abnormal and even psychopathic. A 2022 study covered by the New York Post even called Bitcoin fans “psychopaths who don’t care about anyone.”

Well, science has come to the rescue of the Bitconers to settle the case once and for all. Stefano Di Domenico, behavioral scientist and assistant professor at the University of Toronto, Canada, has conducted his research on the “psychological makeup and financial literacy of Bitcoiners’ and while his findings are not yet officially released, they seem to be on the side of Bitcoiners. 

Findings from Di Domenico’s research, which he previewed at the Canadian Bitcoin Conference held between May 16-18, 2024, have suggested that “the average bitcoin investor is a financial genius of impeccable character.” Well, for Canadian Bitcoiners, anyway. The research was carried out in Canada on a sample of 500 Canadian retail crypto investors.

In a LinkedIn post from his account, Di Domenico described Bitcoiners as “intellectually curious and emotionally stable.” Contrary to what pop culture thinks of Bitcoiners, Di Domenico believes Bitcoiners value “personal growth, relationships, community and health over material possessions and having a ‘high’ status image.” 

Not every Bitcoiner is into the six-figure-chasing, fast-car-hungry lifestyle. This is the research we never knew we needed, but boy, are we glad to hear that Bitcoiners are not psychos and that it’s safe to be friends with them, right?

Nobody knows the full details or methodology of the research (except you’re friends with Di Domenico). Still, the research has been said to have included more than 350 questions designed to address over a dozen hypotheses. Di Domenico also revealed that he had some help from some of his “Bitcoin-agnostic colleagues,” and they provided some “critical and open-minded contributions.”

More Info:

The study has yet to be officially released, but DI Domenico has tweeted that he and his colleagues are looking forward to finishing it and sharing fuller details. 

This research is the kind we have been waiting for. It may be coming a little later than we needed, but a win is still a win. It’s a win for the crypto community and for Bitcoin bros. Canadian Bitcoin bros, anyway!

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