The landscape of cryptocurrency interest is witnessing shifts, with El Salvador maintaining its position as the leader of Bitcoin lovers, while Brazil overtakes Nigeria in Google Trends. Notably, Nigerians now demonstrate more interest in stablecoins, particularly USDT, than Bitcoin. Let’s go through the details and explore the factors driving these changes.

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El Salvador’s Steadfast Stance

El Salvador continues to lead in Bitcoin interest, bolstered by the country’s unwavering commitment to embracing the cryptocurrency. The nation’s move to declare Bitcoin as legal tender in 2021 has contributed to its sustained interest in the digital asset. However, it is important to note that despite this strong interest, the percentage of Salvadorans holding Bitcoin remains relatively low.

Brazil’s Rising Bitcoin Interest

Brazil has surpassed Nigeria and secured the second spot in Bitcoin interest. This shift can be attributed to the increasing involvement of traditional financial institutions in the cryptocurrency industry. For instance, prominent private bank Itau Unibanco expanded its operations in December 2023 to include digital assets, acting as a trading platform and custodian. Such developments have fueled Brazil’s growing interest in Bitcoin.


Nigerians’ Preference for Stablecoins

Google Trends data reveals that Nigerians now exhibit more interest in stablecoins, particularly USDT, than Bitcoin. This shift may be attributed to the devaluation of the naira, inflation concerns, and the volatility of Bitcoin. Stablecoins offer stability and act as a hedge against these economic uncertainties. Additionally, peer-to-peer trading rates of the naira against USDT saw a significant increase in 2023, indicating profitable opportunities for those holding USDT during peak periods.

Nigeria’s Crypto Adoption and Assets

Despite Nigeria’s decreased interest in Bitcoin, the country remains a prominent player in cryptocurrency adoption, leading in peer-to-peer crypto transactions in the world. Although Brazil has surpassed Nigeria in Bitcoin interest, a report suggests that Nigerians hold a higher number of cryptocurrencies overall compared to Brazil.



El Salvador continues to dominate Bitcoin interest, Brazil has surpassed Nigeria in Google Trends, and Nigerians now exhibit more interest in stablecoins like USDT. These shifts reflect the diverse preferences and evolving landscape of cryptocurrency adoption.

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El Salvador’s unwavering commitment, Brazil’s growing involvement of traditional financial institutions, and Nigeria’s focus on stablecoins contribute to these changing dynamics. As the cryptocurrency space continues to evolve, these trends provide valuable insights into the global interest in digital assets.

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