Just a month before the Ronin game native token will be launched, Binance spilled about token rewards on the launchpad. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are talking about 350 million $PIXEL! Read about it below right now! (Hey, no pressure, just some facts for you)

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Source: Pixels

Pixies The Ones Form Harry Potter?

Noo! No! Go you where? Harry got no crypto! Haven’t you seen his Gringotts vault? He’s all about fiat. Anyway. P-i-x-e-l-s.

The buzz in the crypto gaming world reached a new high these days because of Pixels, a famous crypto game, running on the Ronin network based on the Ethereum scaling network. 

It’s a stunning, open-ended world of farming and exploration, built one pixel at a time. Go here to gather resources, enhance skills, and build relationships while exploring the story and quests of the Pixels Universe. 

Their game stands on three foci: fun-generated, easy-going, and blockchain-backed. Basically, it’s your getaway into web3.


Give The Details, FFS!

Soo, these marvelous Pixels haven’t just announced launching their game’s token late Wednesday. They’re doing it with the aid of the Binance Launchpool and a huge rewards pool of 350 million $PIXEL.

With its Launchpool promo, Binance is opening a treasure chest where customers can farm $PIXEL by simply staking their BNB or the rock-solid FDUSD stablecoin in special liquidity pools. Imagine this: a whopping 350 million $PIXEL tokens are up for grabs, making up 7% of the entire token treasure trove. Check the brief instructions:

Mark your calendars, friends! The fun begins this Friday, on the 9th of February, and goes for 10 whole days. 

Binance will list $PIXEL at 10:00 (UTC) on the 19th of February! You’ll be able to rush into trading of  $PIXEL/$BTC, $PIXEL/$USDT, $PIXEL/$BNB, $PIXEL/$FDUSD, and $PIXEL/$TRY trading pairs that very moment!

Some more details on the $PIXEL Launchpool: 

  • Token Name: Pixels ($PIXEL)
  • Max Token Supply: 5,000,000,000 $PIXEL 
  • Launchpool Token Rewards: 350,000,000 $PIXEL (7% of max token supply)
  • Initial Circulating Supply: 771,041,667 $PIXEL (15.42% of max token supply)
  • Smart Contract Details: Ethereum, Ronin
  • Staking Terms: KYC required
  • Hourly Hard Cap per User: 
    • 116,666.66 $PIXEL in BNB pool
    • 29,166.66 $PIXEL in FDUSD pool

Supported Pools: 

  • Stake BNB (webpage will be available in around 24 hours): 280,000,000 $PIXEL in rewards (80%) 
  • Stake FDUSD (webpage will be available in around 24 hours): 70,000,000 $PIXEL in rewards (20%)
  • Farming Period: 2024-02-09 00:00 (UTC) to 2024-02-18 23:59 (UTC).

Remember Clash of Clans? $PIXEL Is Better!

$PIXEL is your golden ticket to Pixels game! It is not required for game progression but can sweeten the gaming adventure. It unlocks a treasure trove of exclusive items, slick upgrades, and cosmetic enhancements that are out of the core gameplay loop of Pixels and it’s a real challenge to come by.

There are also daily rewards, and they’re given for completing tasks, quests, and engaging in desired behaviors to benefit the game ecosystem.

So, It’ll be a super booster for your gaming experience! 



Oh, almost forgot! Before you rush to join the launchpad, here’s a minor announcement: Pixels is bidding farewell to the $BERRY “soft currency” to maintain the game’s economy. There’ll be a swap: trade 1,000 $BERRY for a crisp 7.6175 $PIXEL.

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