As if the current US President didn’t already have enough jokes at his expense on Twitter and social media, and even a meme coin called Joe Boden (BODEN), his campaign team has decided to take it a step further and manage the flow of jokes themselves. Following the motto “If you can’t beat them, join them,” the team has posted a job listing for a “Partner Manager”.


The Biden campaign is on the hunt for a meme expert, clearly aiming to win over Gen Z voters. The selected candidate will be responsible for “attracting the most popular content on the Internet and meme pages.”

According to the vacancy, Biden’s team is offering their meme manager in Wilmington, Delaware, between $65,000 and $85,000 a year, slightly above the average salary for digital marketers in the United States.

The job description indicates that Biden’s meme master will mainly be managing relationships with digital media companies, podcasters, and “meme pages across various social media platforms.”

Meme Wars: Biden’s “Dark Brandon” Goes Viral

Biden’s team has tried making memes before. In early 2022, his campaign used the laser-eyed “Dark Brandon” meme.

Source: DailyDot

The “Dark Brandon” meme is the ironic result of Trump mocking the current president. “Let’s go, Brandon” is code for “F*** Joe Biden,” a phrase many of Biden’s critics adopted. The origin dates back to an NBC interview with racecar driver Brandon Brown after his first career win. Amid chants of “F*** Joe Biden!” NBC’s Kelli Stavast spun it into “Let’s go, Brandon,” giving Trump supporters a sneaky way to express their disdain.

Eventually, Biden flipped the meme for his own use. In April 2023, the Daily Dot reported that “President Joe Biden has officially embraced the Dark Brandon meme.”

Biden even tweeted about a “Dark Brandon” coffee mug. Though it didn’t explicitly say “Dark Brandon,” it featured the laser-eyed meme with Biden saing, “I like my coffee dark.”

In February, Seth Meyers asked Biden about the “Dark Brandon” meme on his “Late Night” show. Biden joked, “It pisses me off,” before donning dark aviators.

Biden repeated the shades trick, referencing the meme to applause at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner in April.

Now, you might be wondering what this has to do with cryptocurrency. Well, it seems the Democrats have shifted focus from crypto in the upcoming election after 2024 presidential candidate Donald Trump threw his support behind it, likely to win votes. This move appears to be Biden’s latest effort to connect with younger voters.

Competing Meme Campaign by Trump

On the other side of the political meme war, Trump is no stranger to the meme game. His mugshot from August 2023 went viral after he was indicted for the fourth time in Fulton County, Georgia.

Donald Trump Mugshots. Source: The New Yorker

Trump’s campaign team seized the moment, immediately selling t-shirts, mugs, and other merchandise featuring the infamous photo. By December 2023, they even launched a collection of “MugShot” NFTs.

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In early May, the Trump-themed meme coin, MAGA, surged in value after the former president made supportive comments about cryptocurrency.

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