It’s Mother’s Day yet again. The time of the year when we celebrate the special women in our lives. We pay homage to women who have soothed crying babies, attended piano lessons with us, comforted young hearts after a heartbreak, funded our education, and even cleaned up our messed up rooms. Mothers are heroes, and they should be celebrated more often, if you ask me. 


This year, let’s make Mother’s Day a little bit more special. In previous years, we’ve sent bouquets of flowers, boxes of chocolates, and jewelry.  Now, how about we consider donating crypto to honor the leading lady in our lives? By donating crypto, we’ll be contributing meaningful gifts to causes that are dear to our mothers. 

Why should you Donate Crypto?

The Giving Block claims that at least 1,000 organizations last year received $125 million worth of cryptocurrencies using their platform. Such substantial figures justify The Giving Block’s anticipation of crypto donations going beyond $10 billion over the next decade. 

Cryptocurrency contributions are tax-deductible. For crypto owners, donating via crypto is a strategic move as it avoids capital gains taxes that would have been incurred when converting crypto into U.S. dollars. This tax-efficient method of giving back allows donors to maximize the impact of their contributions while minimizing their tax liabilities.

Top Charitable Causes to Consider

Women for Women Internationa

UN Women has provided a startling report; there are more than 600 women living in conflict areas, a 50% increase from 2017. Now more than ever, the affected women need our financial and material support.

Women for Women International caters for women living in conflict zones. Women in such zones live through challenging situations riddled with poverty, hunger, brutality, and sexual violence. Women for Women International was founded in 1993. Since then, it has assisted up to 500,000 women to learn basic skills needed for their survival and that of their families. The organization has implemented the Stronger Women, Stronger Nations Program in war zone areas such as Afghanistan, Rwanda, Nigeria, and South Sudan. The program empowers women to save, learn economic sustainability skills, and become healthier. Your contributions will fund the program, enabling a ripple effect that will trickle down generations. 

Here’s how you can donate crypto:

Click this link to donate crypto. The organization accepts as much as 70 cryptocurrencies. You also have the option of creating an NFT fundraiser on behalf of the company. 

Every Mother Counts

Every Mother Counts has a mission to make pregnancy and motherhood safe for every woman. It recognizes maternal health as a human right, and necessary to achieve equitable and respectful maternity care. The organization’s mission is crucial, as statistics by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) paint a heartbreaking picture. CDC reports that maternal deaths continue to increase year after year. Every Mother Counts promotes maternal health education by investing in community-based solutions.

Every Mother Counts works to support mothers in the US and all over the world. The organization has made a substantial impact to improve mother’s lives all over the world. This includes:

  • Supporting 1.5 million women, families, and healthcare workers
  • Investing over $42 million to raise awareness, develop community-led solutions, and advocate for systems change.
  • Engaging with over 600,000 individuals in advancing maternal health and birth equity
  • Supporting 26 pieces of legislation at the federal level to promote maternal health
  • Up to $2.8 million invested in grants in 13 countries, with a global reach of 107,380 people

Binance Charity

Binance is renowned as one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. But the company also operates Binance Charity, which uses Web3 technology for social good. Binance transfers 100% of your contributions to those in need. Binance has introduced the Binance Scholar Program, which pays tuition and course fees in some of the world’s leading universities and colleges.

The company has done commendable good in the society, as depicted by the following stats:

  • Helped 2+ million people in 54 countries 
  • Committed more than $23 million to fund 32 projects
  • Partnered with Women in Tech to introduce 2,800 girls to blockchain technology
  • Worked closely with Care International in Kenya to provide financial relief against challenges associated with Covid-19.
  • So far, there are 80,000 people from all over the globe waiting to study Web3 applications.
  • As of now, the Binance Scholar Program has 71,855 applicants selected to enroll in various courses, 13,575 students that are currently in class, and 57,485 graduates.

Your support has impacted different people in different ways. Your help has enabled many of us to improve our abilities academically… It has also quenched our worries of spending the whole day at school without food now that we are certain that good meals will be provided at school.

Kimuli Abdurahma, Lunch for Children Beneficiary


Razom is a Ukrainian charitable organization that was formed in 2014 to deliver aid to Ukrainians affected by the war started by Russia. At the moment, Razom needs your donations to cater to civilians affected by the February 2022 invasion of Ukraine.  Razom effectively utilizes all your donations to ensure it’s used for the intended purpose. For instance, a $10 contribution is enough to provide a family with a hygiene kit. A donation of $55 can fund a child at a summer camp for 7-10 days, while a $150 donation can run a psychological support camp for vulnerable children. Razom has developed programs aimed at addressing specific issues facing society.

Source: Razom

Razom Heroes: Provides medical supplies and medicinal items to emergency responders to facilitate life-saving aid. At the start of the war, the program provided 218 tons of supplies and has since provided 200 cars and made 75 trips to the war zones.

Razom Health: Partners with hospitals and other healthcare organizations that serve civilians in Ukraine. Razom provides medical supplies and equipment to medical missions, and provides training in emergency situations.

Razom Relief: Partners with 150+ grassroot organizations that work closely with local communities. Razom creates opportunities for knowledge-sharing and organization, provides grants, and facilitates the building of organizational capacity.  

Razom Connect: Promotes Ukrainian voices through promoting art, history, and cinema. 

Razom Advocacy: Advances policy for Ukrainian victory. Razom works with constituents and policy makers to enhance democracy in Ukraine. 

Friends of the Earth International

Friends of the Earth International is an environmental organization with operations in more than 70 countries. It aims to create a peaceful and sustainable society that lives in harmony with nature. The organization works to promote social, gender, economic, and environmental wellness. Its mission is to see a world free from exploitation, militarism, and neo-colonialism. 

To achieve environmentally-sustainable and socially-just societies, Friends of the Earth International has adopted a strategic action plan that supports community struggles to transform societies and achieve social justice.

The organization addresses environmental and social issues by:

  1. Facilitating pathways to system change
  2. Promoting climate justice by fighting the use of fossil energy at the grassroot and international levels
  3. Challenging power relationships in the society by pressurizing national governments to promote justice, equity, and the right to life
  4. Promoting food sovereignty
  5. Tackling threats to forests and biodiversity

Crypto Donation Platforms

Haven’t found the charity organization you were looking for? You can also donate using crypto donation platforms. 

The Giving Block

  • For qualifying nonprofits and individual donors.
  • Accepts over 200 cryptocurrencies including BTC and ETH.
  • Offers credit card donations.
  • Nonprofits must sign up with Gemini for receiving crypto, ensuring compliance with KYB and onboarding processes.
  • Can receive less straightforward crypto donations, such as NFTs, through partnership with Renaissance Charitable.
  • Emphasizes tax benefits of donating assets over cash.


  1. For qualifying nonprofits, charitable DAOs, and individuals.
  2. Accepts ETH and over 1,000 other cryptocurrencies.
  3. No credit card donations accepted.
  4. Built on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing donations to qualified 501(c)(3) U.S. nonprofit organizations.
  5. Offers the creation of Donor-Advised Funds (DAFs) and community involvement through Discord.
  6. Operates as a community foundation, introducing oversight into trustless protocols.


  1. For individuals wanting to donate crypto to qualifying nonprofits.
  2. Accepts BTC, ETH, and certain ERC-20 tokens.
  3. Offers credit card donations.
  4. Launching in 2023, aims to provide a deeper and richer experience for crypto donors.
  5. Focuses on Web3 communities, gamification, and social engagement.
  6. Considers rewarding donors with crypto-native rewards structures and collectibles.
  7. Aims to make giving addictive and central to community and culture, appealing to an energized NFT audience.

Crypto for Charity 

  • Enables you to choose from more than 55,000 501(c)(3) nonprofits that you can support. 
  • The platform receives donations through the FreeWill Impact Fund, which facilitates cryptocurrency exchange. 
  • After donation, Crypto for Charity will provide you with a tax receipt for your donation, convert the crypto to USD, and send the cash to the charity of your choice.
  • Crypto for charity has adopted the no-fee model, which means that all your donations will go towards the causes that are close to you.

Donating crypto on Mother’s day shows that you not only care about the special women in your life, but you also care about causes that are dear to them. Nonetheless, take caution when making donations. Research thoroughly and seek clear guidelines from the receiving organization. If you need more transparency about the charities, utilize FAQs and communicate directly with the organizations. 

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